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Thanks to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Harvest Foods is now being exported to a large number of customers throughout the world. With the wide range of products we offer, Harvest Foods guarantees the right match for worldwide tastes.

Harvest Foods is currently available and distributed over many regions:
Middle East: Libya, Palestine, Syria and Iraq.
Europe: Germany, Austria, Holland, Italy, France and Greece.
United States: Jacksonville in Florida.
Africa: Sudan, South Africa, Chad, Cameron, Togo, Burundi.
Australia: Melbourne and Sydney.
Gulf countries: Kuwait and UAE.

Item Carton Measures 20 ft Container
Load ( carton )
40 ft Container
Load ( carton )
Cans of 400 g 30.5 × 23 ×21.8 cm 1800
We don’t use this container for Harvest Foods products
Cans of 380 g 30.8×21.6 ×23.9 cm 1900
Cans of 700 g 31 × 20.3 × 20.9 cm 1800
Cans of 3 kg 31.1 × 30.5 × 17.8 cm 1650
Salsa shrink 28 × 20.7 × 5.9 cm 3200

To become part of our distribution network spread worldwide or to simply purchase from the closest representative, please contact our export department by filling the following inquiry form:

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